Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don Calls for National Autism Day

Don on a National Autism Day

Fri 27 Feb 2009

House of Commons Debates


Wednesday 25th February, 2009

National Autism Day

Mr Davies (Vancouver Kingsway)

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to introduce an act respecting national autism day. I am proud to introduce legislation that would recognize the work and struggles of those with autism.

It also would recognize the challenges faced by friends and families of people with this condition, in particular parents who raise an autistic child and all the special people who work with and advocate for them. It is right and overdue to mark and appreciate these challenges.

So much about autism remains to be discovered, and I know many in the House have called for additional funding for research, support and coverage under the Canada Health Act. I repeat that call today.

The creation of a national autism day will bring light and attention to those who fall on the autism spectrum and to those who tirelessly support a family member or friend with autism, people like Abbe and Lucas Gates, Patti Bacchus and Dawn Steele.

I ask all members to support the bill.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don's Open House & Media Bits

Don's Community Office Open House was a big smash, lots of people coming and going, good food Don and his team were the consummate host and hostesses. Don was able to spend time meeting and talking with constituents and finding out what are important issues to them.

Good luck to Don as he heads back to Ottawa for what is sure to be interesting days.

Don Davies MLA Office in Vancouver:

2951 Kingsway (in the block west of Rupert St).
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-775-6263

Don Media Bits:

Local blood boils over Gaza as MP pays price
Mark Hasiuk, Vancouver Courier
Published: Friday, January 16, 2009


Moments later, the NDP arrived. Don Davies, MP for Vancouver Kingsway, stepped up to the microphone and onto the political minefield of Middle East politics, where nerves are frayed and semantics matter.

Davies, whose suit and tie ensemble seemed oddly inappropriate, spoke for 30 seconds before his speech blew up in his face. After condemning the escalating violence in Gaza and calling for an Israeli ceasefire, he said "and Palestinians must also stop violence against Israel."

A brief silence was followed by a smattering of boos. A bearded man, with an umbrella in one hand and a Palestinian flag in the other, shouted "Shame on you! Shame, shame!"

Davies abruptly surrendered the microphone and a female voice thundered from the loudspeaker. "Israel is waging war on the Palestinians! Our resistance will not be criminalized!"

The crowd cheered and chanted. Davies limped back to the mic. "My friends, do not take anything I've said to justify Israeli actions that we've seen."

But the damage was done. The crowd, already suspicious of federal politicians, dismissed Davies with silence. Pale and wet, he descended the gallery steps, nervously scanned the crowd, and disappeared into the sea of umbrellas.

Response from one of our regular readers & constituents in Vancouver-Kingsway:

Vancouver Courier. Published: Friday, January 23, 2009

To the editor:

Re: "Local blood boils over Gaza as MP pays price," Jan. 16.

It comes as no surprise that Don Davies' message of peace should have raised the hackles of at least some of those attending the recent rally protesting Israel's military offensive in Gaza. What is surprising is the derisive tone of Mark Hasiuk's account of Davies' address. Hasiuk even takes Davies to task for wearing a suit to the rally, describing it as "inappropriate." I wonder what he would have had Davies wear. Battle fatigues? A Hawaiian shirt?

In contrast to Hasiuk's mean-spirited narrative, I would say it took courage for Mr. Davies to decry the shedding of civilian blood on both sides of the conflict and to demand a just and balanced solution to the crisis. Such an approach, after all, used to be a hallmark of Canada's policy on the Middle East--a point recently underscored by Paul Heinbecker, former Canadian ambassador to the UN. Since the advent of the Harper government, however, Canada's voice on this issue, and many others, has merely parroted that of the Bush administration.

Don Davies should be commended for insisting that Canada resume its traditional role in world affairs as a peacemaker.

Stephen Phillips,


© Vancouver Courier 2009

Last word from Vancouver-Kingsway

I give Don a lot of kudos for having the courage to get up and publically speak to such a contentious issue.

It also shows his integrity and commitment to speak up for peace and end to the violence.

Truthfully, there are many people who have become too fearful to speak out about anything to do with Israel and Palestine for fear of being labeled anti-semitic. That is a tactic I've seen used to silence other courageous folks who've waded into the fray and thorny discussion about the complicated situation in the middle-East.

Thanks for your bravery Don and like they say, the only bad press is no press at all. ;-}

Friday, January 2, 2009

Don in the News & at upcoming Homelessness Event

Public Forum on Homelessness - Vancouver - January 14th 2009

Host: Libby Davies, Hon. Hedy Fry and Don Davies

Date & Time: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Vancouver Japanese Language School Auditorium
487 Alexander St. Vancouver, BC


This public forum will explore existing challenges and opportunities for addressing homelessness in the community, with a particular focus on federal policy and funding.

The goal of the forum is to send a strong message to the federal government to implement a national housing strategy and to step up their plan to address homelessness.

Guest speakers include:
Judy Graves, Tenant Support for the City of Vancouver
Dr. Michael Byers, UBC Department of Political Science
Jaimie McEvoy, Director, Hospitality Project
Laura Track, Lawer, Pivot Legal Society

Here's some 'Bygones' for you:

Coalition still a possibility: NDP MP Don Davies

By Carlito Pablo, Georgia

The New Democratic Party’s first-term MP for Vancouver Kingsway has some advice for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives, on how they should act when Parliament resumes on January 26: stop being bullies.

Don Davies made this suggestion even as he acknowledged that the Harper government may not be immediately toppled by a Liberal–NDP coalition that has the support of the Bloc Québécois.

“If they come back at the end of January and they understand that they need to get the confidence of the House and they act accordingly, then that’s one scenario,” Davies told the Straight. “But if they come back and continue to bully and act undemocratically and come from a hard-right perspective, then I think the coalition will revive itself, and it’s a very real possibility that it will replace the Harper government.”

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean prorogued Parliament on December 4 at the request of Harper, who was facing imminent defeat by the coalition at the time.

The Liberals later installed Michael Ignatieff as their leader, replacing Stéphane Dion, a key proponent of the coalition. Ignatieff has since indicated that he may support a Conservative budget if it contains a sound economic-stimulus package. The budget will be presented in Parliament on January 27.

“One scenario is Harper comes with a fantastic budget,” Davies said. “Another scenario is he comes out with an unacceptable budget, and the Liberals vote for it. Third possibility is he comes back with a terrible budget or an unacceptable budget, and the Liberals and the New Democrats vote down the government. There may be more.”

The Conservatives’ fall economic statement proposed slashing federal subsidies to parties, a plan that was immediately withdrawn after it was attacked by the opposition.

If Delta–Richmond East Conservative MP John Cummins’s comments are any indication, his party may return to Parliament with a more conciliatory attitude.

“I think that cooler heads will prevail, and I think that people will recognize that the Canadian public expects Parliament to work, and that a lot of the shenanigans that went on before Christmas should be set aside,” Cummins told the Straight. “And I’m not putting the blame on anybody in particular. When I say that, I think that things could have been handled differently by everyone, and I don’t think it’s helpful to be pointing fingers at this point.”

Cummins added, “What we got to do is let bygones be bygones.”


Also, good news for Vancouver & BC, couldn't ask for a better candidate to take on the resident Oligarch. Go Mel Go!!!

NDP's Mel Lehan will run against Premier Gordon Campbell in Vancouver-Point Grey


Mel Lehan - Facebook page

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jack Will Be in da V-K House

Jack Layton, leader of the federal NDP is coming to join Vancouverites,
particularly those living in Vancouver-Kingway, who Don Davies has invited
to the town hall meet & greet, debate, discussion on the "Ottawa" situation.

Here's the details:

What: an evening of discussion, debate and information on
the recent events in Ottawa.

When: Wednesday 17th December 2008 at 6pm.

Where: Collingwood Neighbourhood House -
5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver

With: Special guest NDP leader Jack Layton

Light refreshments will be served. No need to RSVP – just turn up.

For more information, please contact my community office @ 604-775-6263.

E-mail Don @

Hope we can all battle the elements and make it. How often do we get
a chance to sit down with someone who might be leading our next
government and give "Ottawa" a heads up about what's important to us.

Hmmm, I think if memory serves me correctly, "our" last riding rep
left us all "high and dry" on that one. As an elected official, Emerson
was reported to have had a remarkable aversion to meeting with,
or listening to constituents.
Right out of the gate Don has him beat.
Rock on, Don.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where's Waldo (Emerson) Now: Where Else, With Gordon Campbell

If there are any lingering doubts in your mind that there is little
difference between Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals and the federal
Conservatives, those should be laid to rest for good.

It's not bad enough we were plagued with Emerson from the time he
walked across the floor and with the little he did for us in the
riding he misappropriated electorally, now he's getting crowned
GC's "Minister of Everything." BC taxpayers are set to be forking
out unknown thousands for Emerson's @$$ at board tables all over
the place. Here are just a few gigs he's been appointed to by GC

- senior adviser to a Vancouver law firm
- CEO of B.C. Transmission Corp.
- member of the board at Finning
- chairman of the province's newly formed economic advisory council

My guess, is Emerson's first order of business is to ensure that BC's
governmental infrastructure (think every piece of information that the
BC government has on every citizen in the province) is signed away
by January 2009. In a deal that's been secretively getting carried out,
Gordon Campbell and his government are set to sign a multi-million dollar,
multi-year contract with HP-EDS (operating in BC as EDS Advanced Solutions) that will remove BC's privacy rights forever. This deal will shovel millions of BC taxpayer dollars into a subsidiary of a transnational corporation of disrepute for how they've managed their UK contracts.

Read more about this here.

The return of the Minister of Everything
Patrick Brethour
B.C. premier's newest adviser is, as always, ready to think big
Globe & Mail. On-line 12/12/08 06:00 AM

Don Davies Invites Us to Visit with Him @ Collingwood

Dear Friends,

I’d like to invite you to join me for an evening of discussion, debate and information on the recent events in Ottawa.

When: Wednesday 17th December 2008 at 6pm

Where: Collingwood Neighbourhood House
5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver

Light refreshments will be served.

No need to RSVP – just turn up.

For more information, please contact:

My community office on 604-775-6263
Email me @

I hope to see you there!

Best Wishes


Don Davies MP
Vancouver Kingsway

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emerson & Campbell: Birds of a Feather...

Emerson to chair B.C. economic advisory council
CBC News. December 10, 2008.


Former federal cabinet minister David Emerson will head a B.C. economic advisory council tasked with finding ways to stimulate the provincial economy.

Premier Gordon Campbell made the announcement Wednesday, saying the nine-member council will begin work immediately and report directly to cabinet.

The council will focus on economic issues related to energy, natural resources, forestry, the environment and the Asia-Pacific market area.

Last month, the B.C. government appointed Emerson as CEO and board chair of the BC Transmission Corporation, a Crown company that works with BC Hydro to supply electricity across the province.
- Enough patronage to Campbell & neoConservative insiders.
- Enough "summits" enough studies, enough research.
- Enough self-interested, arrogant wind bags full of hot, fetid air
and sucking up time, space and taxpayer money.

BC NEEDS ETHICAL, INTELLIGENT ACTION & Good Government, something neither of these Flocking Birds seem to know Anything About.

Vote Campbell's Liberals/neoCons Out on May 12th 2009.